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The orphans worshipping the living Lord Jesus Christ whole heartedly. They have great hope and trust in the Lord for their provisions and a good future. They do not lack anything for their daily needs.

The Sunday service being conducted under the trees at the Paburia village. The people are extremely happy to Worship the Lord. They face severe problem during rainy season. They are in a very bad need of a Church building.

God has blessed us to organize a leadership seminar. Many people have been blessed by the word of God. Many have been filled and led by the Holy Spirit and committed their lives to God for the ministry.

Identifying and encouraging the youth for the Gospel preaching and leading to live a holy life through the word of God.

Children are the gift of God. Leading them to God’s ways is our responsibility. Remote village children are not getting eh proper facility of education. Hosanna Ministry is dedicated to bring them up.

Baptism program has been organized at remote village of G. Udayagiri. Rev. Prem Prakash Singh, Director of Hosanna Ministry is Baptizing people and planting churches where there are no churches.

Believers of Paburia are going for Baptism program.

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