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Founder-Chairman’s Profile

Rev. Prem Prakash Singh ( Founder-Chairman) who belongs from Christ-centred bible believing family. He is a born again Christian, fully committed and a vision-focused missionary. God has called him in 1996 for the Great Commission to serve the Almighty God to reach the unreached lost souls. Since 21 years of his ministerial journey, he has been serving the Lord and for the welfare of the society in various Socio-religious activities. As a fonder – chairman, he has taken the deep burden to extend the Kingdom of God in rural and underprivileged tribal regions to bring them into divine light and the Agape love. Under the guidance of the Holy Spirit, he extended the mission-vision to Odisha and surrounding states as – Andhra Pradesh, Jharkhand, West Bengal, Bihar, Chhatisgarh, and Uttar Pradesh. He is having wide experience in Pastoral Care, biblical teaching, preaching, soul winning, evangelism, community development programs and children ministry. The Lord has blessed him with a dedicated God fearing woman as his wife and 3 children ( 2 girls and 1 boy) to serve the Lord. God has been doing miracles through his life and the ministry. His compassionate heart and zeal for the ministry brings many souls to the vineyard of the Lord. He is a torch-bearer and light house for the deprived community. Let his life be an example to restore and revive the lost souls and the society. Glory to God for his dedicated life.

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  • Rev.Prem Prakash Singh (Founder Chaiman)

  • Rev.Ashok Kumar Nayak (Secretary cum Administrator)

  • Rev.Hemanta Naik (Associat Director)

  • Mrs.Truptima Nayak (Treasure cum women ministry Overseer)

  • Legal Adviser: Advocate R.R.Nayak

Brief about Rev. Hemant Kumar Naik, Associate Director

Rev. Hemant Kumar Naik who is a visionary mission minded servant of God, having the deep passion for God's own vision to acomplish the Great Commission. He has widely experienced in serving God in different ministries for past 20 years in different projects. In 1990 he encountered with Jesus in a youth revival seminar and experienced the heavenly call of God. In 1993 on July 25th, he took imersion baptism and fully committed his life to serve the Lord and for the community endeavour. As the years passed on, before his calling, he turned his life for the secular worldly pleasures and secular music concerts. But, Almighty God has a different plan and purpose for his life. He received Jesus as his personal saviour and left the worldly life by following eternal path of God Almighty. Then onwards, God has been using him in widely ministries in different mission fields as pioneer Church planter, youth evangelism mission leader, radio speaker and a gospel singer-composer, gospel music producer in vernacular languages, engaged widely in pastoral care, gospel outreach & evangelism, assisted for FCBH audio bible dramatizer NT recordings for many lanaguages ( in Nepal and in India) as drama director, engaged partially for Mission 865 project in India for Jesus Film script translation, consultation and for voice over dubbing projects, Bible educator, managed an orphaned child care and development project (Hope centre) in UP-Nepal boarder, widely organized community health, sanitation & hygiene awareness programs for Swachha Bharat Mission in (UP & Odisha), assisted as an English Medium School administrator ect. Presently, he is serving the Lord as an Associate Director of Community Outreach programs at Hosanna Ministry and a core body member. He has the wide Mission-vision and passion to train, equip and engage the native missionaries for the Great Commission of God. Having deep compassionate heart for the destitute and dropout poor children to educate and sustain them in all round development programs by imparting Godly wisdom and love of God. All glory and honor to God for his dedicated life.

Brief about Rev.Ashok Kumar Nayak, Secretary-Cum-Administrator

Rev.Ashok Kumar Nayak , Secretary-Cum-Administrator
Rev.Ashok Kumar Nayak is born and brought in a poor Christian family. He has been born again on 6th March 1991 in a youth seminar and dedicated his life after hearing a calling from the Lord from the book of Isiah.6.8. and he never looked back . After completing the Bible training, he dedicated his life for full time Ministry. He has great passion for the soul winning and church planting ministry. He has been doing the ministries in the Areas of – Biblical teaching, preaching, soul winning, engaged in Biblical story trainer as Consultant, Associated in Biblical books translation program, engaged in Bible stories Audio Recording program and Various Community awareness projects since 1991. . He is a Vision-Oriented Missionary with wide experience of Church planting activities with various Mission Organizations. At present he is serving Lord as an Administrative Director at “HOSANNA MINISTRIES” and a core body member of the Organization . He has wide Mission vision and the great passion to train up, equip and engage the Native Missionaries for the Great commission of our master and Lord Jesus Christ. He is having deep compassionate heart for the deprived and dropout poor children to develop them in all round career development programs by imparting Godly wisdom and love of God. All glory and honour to God for his dedicational life.

Brief about Mrs.Truptima Nayak

Mrs.Truptima Nayak
Trust Treasure and women ministry Overseer
Mrs.Truptima Nayak is a dedicated, born again Bible believing Christian lady, whom God has called to reach out the deprived and neglected rural women to uplift, empower and equip them in the society by imparting God’s love and compassion. She is an active board member of Hosanna Ministries. She has been working as a Trust treasurer, Overseer of women’s prayer fellowship and the project coordinator of women and child care programs.

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